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Sidem's Testimonial 

““I would like to let you know that I heard from H today…… you were very right. I just would like to let you know how accurate your readings are, you are so gifted!”

Lina (Europe)

“Hi. I want to tell you a very personal experience with William the most marvellous psychic I ever came across. Can psychics actually save lives? I believe they do. It's a very extreme question I am posing and I will give you a very extreme but real answer. In the last 12 months my life has gone through some major changes and losses I do not wish  anyone . A man a love totally disappeared from my life. No explanation , no words , nothing. My mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and she passed away 3 months afterwards. My cat had been taken ill on the last day of the year and I got to decide to save his young life or use euthanasia on  him . At the time I had only a part time job and a small income with a mortgage to pay. I chose to save my adored cat life sweating blood and tears to meet the huge bill. A month later I lose my job suddenly and with it my male boss to whom I grew very close and fond of in the year we spent working together. In addition to lose him I had to say goodbye to  his daughter I have been looked after and have been doting on  and last but not least my boss's mother too to whom I grew quite close to.  My country is still in recession and has one of the worst unemployment rates in Europe. I was facing losing everything again ; my cats , my home ,everything. Tough choices had to been made and there are nights I still cry myself to an un restful sleep. I had to leave my country and with it the people I loved first of all my ageing father .... I didn't have time to grieve over anything that has happened to me ; I only had to get on or lose my mind or take my own life. Two  people  only stood out and led a hand of support: William and a lady called Irene. William help was immense. Not only he had managed to be with me throughout this traumatic and distressing time , he had been a fantastic source of hope and inspiration. His readings allowed me to see a light at the end of an endless , black tunnel . His day to day predictions were to say the least astonishing. Always a step ahead of me he never minced his words once. His brutal honesty (some of you might call tough love ) has indeed helped straightening my act out. He has the arm that held the sword of the warrior. He has the incredible capacity to get into people head ,to sense exactly how they feel ,whether they are going to be good for you or not and warn you or validate you accordingly. Psychics save lives. I had been Lost at sea ,he had been and continue to be my lighthouse. And he has given me a safe shore to whom I am beginning to lay new foundation. William can make your life better just by being in yours for a 20 minutes reading. His empathy will make you feel you aren't alone in whatever you might be facing. His insights devastatingly effective. You are a force , a one off , a diamond , a beacon , a mentor , an extraordinary human being.”

Orion (Italy)

"Will predicted the 7th of June to me, as far as a man popping up in my life, and sure enough it happened... In the same reading he predicted Portugal to me as I'm on the wind down before a holiday to the USA and I thought, oh that's nice... 12 hours later I'm on a plane to Portugal for an out of the blue work trip! He also predicted that I would meet a James on this trip, I didn't pay attention….sure enough I met James.  This guy is ninja!"

C London

​“I have been receiving readings from Will for over a year. Recently, I reviewed the notes I have taken, and a significant amount of the most poignant topics have manifested. We all have free will and in some cases my own or another's choice's at the time have changed some of the outcomes predicted in some cases. However, some of the most significant have indeed unfolded. This is especially true if I followed the guidance I was given which is the key, if you chose the pathway and take on the guidance you will see the outcome, if you chose not the predictions will either be slightly different or will not at all appear.Will delivers a lot of detailed information that at the time you might think, its not possible that it would happen and or that you would find out if that very private detail is in fact true when it relates to another person and how they might be thinking. I have discovered in almost all cases I have discovered these details and the information came to me directly from that person in conversation, sometimes at a much later time than I expected; yet still validating what Will had said to me, which in some cases were quite personal and not what you would expect!Will gives a LOT of information in a very direct manner, yet with compassion,kindness all wrapped up in a fabulous sense of humour. I would recommend him to anyone. He indicated  specific types of places, activities, names and very specific personal and other indicators that would relate my situation that were in no way possible for him to know and were evident when the actual situation occurred. He has proven time and again that he was bang on with some very clear and significant predictions around work, travel and personal situations that manifested in more than one occasion from previous readings. Timings are difficult to predict, yet I have had specific situations occur in the month that was outlined to me, such as when I would meet s person and what we would be doing what would be next etc. This is an indicator of a very talented and gifted person who is the real deal.”

B - Sydney Australia

“Dear Will, Fantastic reading yet again, thank you so much. Will is without doubt one of the best Psychics I have ever had read for me. He gets to the point, no messing and gives you it straight. Names, dates, timings and even my deepest feelings, he hits it bang on every time, it just blows me away.When I need a gutsy no nonsense reading, I always contact Will. I come away smiling, feeling positive again and most importantly, with a regained confidence in the direction I need to take. Will has an amazing gift; he is a true healer.”

Ruth xx London

“I have been reading with Will for over 3 years and his insight continues to amaze me.   He once told me I would throw a tantrum and fly over 12,000 miles at the end of May early June.  At the time I was happy where I was, didn’t think much of it.  Come May, I threw my tantrum, booked to fly out of the UK really quickly on the 31st of May. Wasn’t until i re read my reading that I realised he was right.  Other predictions re contact, dates/times have all been relevant along the way.  Sometimes you have to wait like the number 26 he kept telling me for 5 months and it turned out to be relevant beyond belief.   Will is like my very own psychic spy, I don’t trust anyone else.” 

Kate Aus

​“Will is the best psychic I have ever come across and I have had many over the years. Will has been reading for me for over 2 years now and is the only psychic I 100% trust, he is always spot on. His predictions have come to pass time and time again, even if they do sound far fetched at the time. I remember when Will told me that the man I was seeing would be having an operation and in crutches soon, I was thinking surely I would know about that. Then a couple of months later the man in question told me that he had to have an operation on his knee and was going to be in crutches for 8 weeks. Will also told me that the woman that the guy I'm seeing is with, would confront me at work and we would be having coffee and she would be ranting away and I wouldn't be paying attention to her until she says don't you think! . I laughed at that prediction and thought yeah right. But he was right a few months later the two of us as awkward as it was were sitting having coffee, she was ranting away and all I could think about was Will telling me how all this was going to happen. Then I heard the words don't you think come out her mouth! Will also said to me an old flame would come back into my life and ask me to marry him out of the blue. He described where I would be at the time and I knew the place well but didn't think it would happen. True to his word an ex of mine turned up after not having heard from him in years and asked me to marry him in the exact place Will said it would happen. Will is fantastic he has predicted so much for me over the years. Now when his predictions come to pass I'm just like yup wonderful Will did it again. Will is so great to talk to and we always have a laugh. I would be lost without him. If Will says it's gonna happen it will. Thanks a million.”

T Scotland xx

“I have spoken to Will on and off for about 3 years, and his predictions (that I never fail to question) never fail to come true! Unfortunately, even the scratch on my car, after a 9 month time-lag, and I arrogantly thought I’d got away with that prediction…(Silly me!) I was/am having a very complicated relationship issue, and speaking to Will allows me to see the other persons point of view, and therefore I am able to take responsibility for whats my issues and in moving my life forward, and let go of what’s not mine and trust that there is always a plan, which gives me the peace to sleep at night! I feel that i have been able to gain a greater insight into MYSELF and become a better person by working through my issues, that Will helps to point out to me, in a kind but firm way, there is no no nonsense about past-lives and alternative universes, only relevant information delivered about the here and now and predictions for the future! Will often gives me signs to watch out for, one of which was being the colour yellow, which I'd scoffed at (silly me!) but sure enough about 2 weeks later the colour yellow was very prominent in my life regarding the query I’d had, in a way that surprised even Will! I have now learnt to trust Will, and his predictions 100%, and in a world where disappointments are regular, Will and his predictions have never let me down.   I am honoured to know Will, and be privy to his amazing gift, he really has become not only a my psychic but a great friend and confidante! And I know that what he says always come from the place of ‘the bigger picture’, and is that not the point the of a psychic reading? To be able to gain information that you do not yet know? And who else can offer you that kind of insight? Most people, many psychics included, can only offer advice from their own limited world view. Will is truly special and will tune into your specific situation, the readings are pertinent, helpful and preceptive! Much like a great hairdresser, when you find a great psychic, such as Will, shop elsewhere at your own peril, and if you end up bald, you were warned!”xx

C London

"I have been going to psychics for the last 20 years, thinking that I would finally find someone who did not make me feel as though I had just wasted my money.Having found will 3 years ago, I know with certainty that I will NEVER be contacting anyone else for a reading.The last 2 years have been the worst of my life, sufferring a bereavement and experiencing family dramas that played out like episodes on Eastenders.I did not even need to speak, Will connects, starts to speak and predicts with amazing accuracy. He goes so fast and in my head I just keep thinking "HOW DOES HE KNOW THAT??"Will has given me quite a few readings over the years, and nearly every single prediction has come true. Not only does this gifted spirit give accurate predictions, he also makes you feel uplifted and confident about what is too come, good or bad.I feel so grateful and at peace knowing that I would have gone down a dark path, without the guidance and support from Will.I promise you, you will feel exactly the same as I did when I realised that I had found a will not be disappointed”

​(Lorna G, London, April 2016)

“I first contacted Will in December 2014 after my sister passed away. We were in a state of shock and numbness, needing to know if she was ok and that we love her.From this point we found some peace. Talking to Will, for me, was like having  comforting arms around me. He was very specific regarding dates/situations/actions/responses in relation to things that had happened and were to come to fruition. Have no doubt we were speechless. As each thing came to pass we felt empowered but fairly calm as Will had given us the ability to deal with the myriad of issues which arose, especially in relation to ongoing family turmoil. We know that we would not have been able to manage without his on point, direct and sometimes comical way of imparting the information he received.Will has been, and still is, the first person we contact when the ground starts rolling beneath our feet. He has made a traumatic and unbearable situation manageable - and for that we will be for ever grateful.
 We have informed friends about Will and have offered to refund their money to them if they are not happy with the information they have received from him. Not one person has  required a refund! your gift is special, Will. Please continue to share it with us.”

Susan, London, March 2016

“I have had regular readings from Will this past two years. He has guided me through personal and business matters. His accuracy and specific details are amazing and astonishing at times. I can recall an important meeting that I had to attend a few days after a reading.  He described the venue , attendees and general flow of meeting right down to the bad breath of the Scottish man, the health and look of the man sitting two seats to my left , the person who would hand me their business card and whom I would get a sale from. Specifics and details he had no way of knowing. It blew me away how accurate.”

L Irelandx

“if you are looking for a straight- talking, no-nonsense and above all truly, gifted psychic, you have come to the right place, look no further than Will….  Having a reading with Will, is not only a pleasure but an awesome experience.  He gives you the details, names, initials, colors, descriptions, events, places, things you would never have imagined he would know or you were thinking…..’how could he know that’ and wait till it happens….it leaves you ‘gob smacked’…..I had the pleasure of having readings with Will, and each time I am more and more amazed by his extra ordinary gift….He has helped calm me down, hold my hand through the troubled moments, breathe through the curve balls life throws at you, explain the unexplainable, bring truth to matters and most importantly put life’s issues into perspective….YES!!!!, his predications have come true…if that’s what you are wondering…..
 He is also an amazing human being, a blessed soul who has an ability to soothe and calm you down while bringing light to your darkness…He is funny, witty and makes the session an enjoyable experience…Give him your name and then it’s like a ‘book of life’ being read out to you…Since, I had my first reading with Will, I have never turned back ….. Give him a try and I promise you will not be disappointed….He is truly amazing……”


“I first contacted Will in December, I had spoken to a few psychics and was still a little dubious of the whole 'psychic' thing to be honest as their validation and predictions had been quite hit and miss/contradictory. But omg since my first reading with Will I could tell that he was totally different to any others I had spoken to. He picked up on my whole situation in detail without me saying a word and the reading was full of specific predictions (which I hadn't really had with other psychics I had spoken to). The main thing I was calling about was a relationship that wasn't showing much promise but I was finding it hard to give up on. Will predicted specific events that would happen and even gave dates and the shoes I'd be wearing etc! All of these have since come to pass! He predicted that how things were between us at that time wasn't significant and that things would change over the next three months, it is now March and everything between us has improved significantly in the way Will predicted. I can't stress enough how detailed his predictions are and the amount of information he receives, it is amazing!!!You'll also find that he is so easy to talk to and down to earth. He'll never sugar coat anything he gets, but its like talking to your best friend so you won't be left feeling down about anything. I have since returned to Will for readings and will definitely to continue to do so in the future. So if any of you are wondering about whether to have a reading with him or not.. From my perspective, it was the best thing I did to make sense of the situation I was in and to receive invaluable information about how the other party was feeling etc. I know it seems weird... Trust me I find it very freaky, but his predictions coming true have been enough proof for me to believe in his outstanding abilities!”

A London

“I have had a few readings with Will and I cannot praise his psychic abilities enough. What I like is that He asks no questions and just goes straight to the issue.  He is very detailed and clear in his readings and it amazes me how quickly his predictions come to pass. I highly recommend him.”
Kind regards 

RS London

“Will- You helped bring my world in focus, calmness to my troubled thoughts and to take care of myself when decisions have to be made.  I will be in touch soon again.” 

Irish D​ 

“Will again you were spot on with predictions unfolding, the most amazing and hilarious was the girl in hot pants in the rain at the church railings, I never thought id see her and when I did your prediction happened!  I always enjoy our readings and best of all your signs and predictions come true.  I appreciate your truth and honesty.  We will speak soon so you can help unfold the next chapter... “

Linda Wales

“Wonderful Will.  Can't speak highly enough about him.  I have had several readings and through them I have gained an inner peace and contentment regarding issues that were causing concern and strife in my life.  His insight is amazing and the guidance I have received from that has assisted me greatly in business decisions as well as personal ones.  He will say it as he sees it and I love that about him”. 

Lisa N Ireland

“Will is a star. Talented and amazing. Will’s mentioned things and people with such clarity. His predictions have come to fruition. Will has been there through my journey and has helped me develop strength and positivity.  Finding Will was meant to happen, (wish we had met sooner) a true friend and a humble being.”

Kian Manchester

“Will as always your predictions, clarity and visions come to pass, you are a star of stars at what you do.” 

Elizabeth North West England

“At first I have to say I was very sceptical of psychic readings but after meeting Will and having had numerous readings my scepticism was unfounded.I was finding life difficult when I first encountered Will, my business was taking over my life resulting in all other aspects suffering as a consequence. Will helped me put everything into perspective; his honesty and ‘no holes barred approach’ renewed my courage and enthusiasm for life. He helped guide me with very important decisions which I was finding extremely difficult to deal with. His accuracy truly astounded me, and has helped me grow in confidence, rewarding me with renewed self belief that what I am doing will eventually get me to be were I want to be.Thank you very much Will for all that you have done for me and all that you will continue to do for me in the future. I sincerely hope you receive the rewards you truly deserve.”    

B McC N Ireland.

"An amazing psychic.  Will connected immediately, picking up on business and family issues straight away.  He is straight to the point and the information just flows.  I have total trust in what he has said and look forward to my house move.  Highly recommended.” 

Many thanks B. Co. Tyrone

“if you want to know how things really are in your life and how they will be ask Will.  I've had many readings with him and he is just amazing.  If you need help on life's journey, he is the one.  He tells you the truth which is what we all need.  He gives you signs that will let you know that you are on the correct path.  His predictions always come true.  Life has been difficult these past couple of years and I thank Will for his on going support.  He truly is an exceptional psychic.”

C. N Ireland.

“I have been having readings with Will for just over a year now and can honestly say I have never experienced such an honest, trustworthy and reliable Psychic.  His ability to predict things that happen almost immediately is amazing and I trust what he tells me.  He tells you exactly how it is and doesn't try and make it sound any better just to make you feel better.  I can't recommend him highly enough”  

- K - Melbourne

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