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The Power of Manifesting

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

It is a way of asking and creating what we want from life. Manifesting has been around for many years There are so many different techniques that have existed over the years in terms of how to do this, such as believing you actually have something already or simply asking the divine we believe to gives us what we want.

Manifesting is something which many spiritual people, religious believers, psychics, astrologers and those that believe in the Divine practice.

Manifesting is something which many spiritual people, religious believers, psychics, astrologers and those that believe in the Divine practice.

It is a healthy exercise and I have my own technique which has worked for many people. This technique can pay results not only in manifesting what you want but also helping you achieve positivity. As they say putting a positive spring in your step and giving hope, optimism and most of all motivation in terms of achieving your long term goal.

I believe that the best way to achieve and manifest is to ask those who you believe in for opportunities. Some people believe in the angelic realm, some spirit guides, some God. Many believe in a combination of all of them and ask all for the opportunities. One of the best times to do your manifestation is on the New Moon, to bring in the new and aspiration around you. We here believe that writing a letter is the best way to do this. It is important to thank those around you first before you ask. Give thanks for guidance, protection and what you actually do have in your life. You may actually be pleasantly surprised how much you do have! This exercise also helps change our mind frame back around to the positive by realising we have more in our lives than what we previously thought. Once you have given thanks for what you do have its time to really think about what you really do want in life! We all would love to win the lottery but lets be realistic about this. Think about what you want, don’t ask for it directly thats just greedy! Instead ask for the opportunity and you will see the opportunity created for you. Lets have a few examples, if its a job you really desire and really want instead of asking for the job, ask for the opportunity for that job. You will see the doors open, it may be your application being accepted, it may be the door opened finally to the interview but from then on in its for you to shine! The divine can only do so much but the opportunity has been created for you! Always remember whats meant for you will not pass you by but you can manifest to have the door opened and give yourself a little head start…

Many people also try to manifest love with a specific person, this is something that cannot be influenced. We cannot influence someones feelings or decisions but we can always ask for opportunities and help along the way. Instead of getting caught up and obsessing about someone and asking specifically for them, why not ask the spirits for help in bringing them forwards. You could ask to spend more time with them, for them to see you as you really are. By asking this way you are giving yourself a fair opportunity to create something with someone rather than sitting back asking to be with them and nothing happen. Its about asking for opportunity to see if there is anything there, if there is something to blossom it will blossom. The spark will grow and hey presto magic will happen. Remember in relationships its about two peoples wants and desires not just one. A relationship is two people who need to agree to move forward with each other but a bit of divine intervention can always boost things along..

Manifesting can be fun and it can be fun if you write a letter as you can look back and tick off all the new opportunities that have been meant for you come to fruition, if you believe -anything is possible and with a bit of psychic faith and letting yourself shine, opportunities and rewards can come quicker.

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