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The Art of letting Go.

Sometimes in life we all have things, people, situations, vices that we all must let go of especially a relationship that serves us no purpose! We always ask the questions how? why? where? when? We can also have people tell us “just let go” but unfortunately these words are just at times easier said than done! Some of the most common emotional problems is knowing when to let go of someone who does not seem to want us, a toxic relationship or a situation that you know deep down no longer serves you purpose. There is no easy way to do it but let go and move on with your life. In life most of us always strive for that perfect relationship of support, companionship combined with love, lust and passion. We don’t always achieve it! Sometimes our desires and hope in someone holds us back from living our lives, trying to achieve the impossible. Its once we finally recognise and realise that the situation we find ourselves is NOT RIGHT that we can truly move forward and begin the art of letting go.

Some people question HOW HOW HOW do i do that? HOW DO I LET GO? One of the first things to remember is that you have survived without that situation and emotional feeling before so why not again? You can use your negative situation as a motivator to achieve success in other areas of your life; what this essentially means is putting your focus elsewhere. One all too common situation of not letting go is wanting/desiring someone who isn't reciprocating how you may feel about them. Those feelings can drive us up the wall. You must stop questioning why don’t they want me? why wont they step forward? whats wrong with me? The truth is there is something wrong with you…YES… it is not what you want to hear but its the truth. The problem lies with you in this scenario. You are putting your focus and energy on something that isn't materialising. You are putting so much focus on it that you are pushing it away. Instead of doing this, let it go and if they want you they will step forwards but you cannot live your life with unrequited love so LET GO.

Find a new hobby, create new friends and also realise that there is other opportunities and more fulfilling things than wanting something that may not exist or be right for you at this moment. As they say there is always a bigger fish so do not get bogged down by one who is not playing ball. While they are not playing ball let go and live your life and give yourself options.

There the true art of letting is giving yourself a shake and realising that YOU ARE IMPORTANT! YOU CAN achieve things by yourself, YOU CAN be emotionally strong and YOU CAN create new options and opportunities in your life path. Empower yourself, evolve and grow. Take control of where you can grow in life. Why not create an opportunity for yourself, why not show this dude who is affecting your emotional headspace what they are missing. Give yourself lots of choices and options…sometimes it is hard to see and realise this for ourselves and this is why many people turn to psychics, clairvoyants, or life coaches to see the choices and see what may lie ahead. Let go of what no longer serves you and get direction and focus in your life…let it go and you’ll see yourself GROW!

Let go by believing in yourself, living without fear, attract the positive and send back the negative.

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