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Spirit Guide Connection

We all have a natural intuition and psychic ability. Those who are spiritual sometimes reach a stage in their life when they want to connect with the “other side”. Our spirit guides and angels are around us all the time. Some of us feel the urge to connect with them for our own self-fulfillment and sense of knowing. Others want to help others and develop their own natural psychic ability to pass on psychic readings. Whatever your reason for connecting with your spirit guides it must be for the positive development of soul growth. Connecting with your guides can be a process. Relaxation is a key. Lets follow these 6 simple steps connect with your spiritual guides….

# Ask to meet them…

Yes it really is that simple. Instead of wondering who is your guides ask to meet them. Find yourself a relaxed space and ask for all negative energies to be removed. Some people find lighting a candle or meditating is a good start to do this, close your eyes and then ask your guides to come forward. Many people expect an outline of a man or woman to pop up. Be open minded to what is presented in front of you. You may for instance have glimpses of one of your spirit guides previous lives. You may find they come forwards with a story. Clear your mind and let them come forwards to you. Some of you when doing this may even hear a voice. Its basic and simple ask the direct question- can you come forwards and can i meet you please?!

# Have no expectations…

Do not expect it all to unravel at once. You have only just asked. You will find that you will be opening up your psychic ability and building a way to communicate with your guides. Have no expectations in terms of how they should be and how you should be connecting with them. This is where you have to trust and let go and believe that they will come to you and connect with you in a way they want. If you do find you are connecting with a multitude of guides and are getting confused, like step 1 ask them to step forwards one at a time. As anything when we are confused we ask for clarity in day to day life- you can do this with the spiritual realm as well.

# Ask for confirmation

Ok so now you may feel like you have connected or perhaps you may feel a bit confused as to what is what and who is who. Trust in your psychic ability and develop it from this point. Ask your guides for confirmation that they are there. You can do this by asking fo a sign that you are connecting with them. One of the most common is the white feather. You could be a bit outrageous and ask to see a car with yellow spots or you could simplify it again and ask maybe for a tapping sound to be made. They will send you confirmation when they want to and maybe when you least expect it! “ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE”

# Meditate

This works in two ways. If you still feel like you are not connecting strongly enough take yourself to a safe quiet place and free your mind. Ask again for that connection. If however you feel like you have made your connection and want a psychic development and growth with your guides, meditation is key. Meditation clears your mind of any worries, stresses and struggles that daily life throws at us, it allows you to connect with the ‘other side’ so to speak. Relax, meditate and evolve.

# Practice makes perfect

Like anything your sixth sense is a muscle. Muscles need training to get stronger. Practicing and communicating with your guides only makes your gift stronger. Practice with your guides by asking them to come forwards to help you with certain tasks. For example if you are stuck doing your tax returns ask for a guide who is good with numbers. If only their was an angel or guide that could do our laundry for us life would be simpler!! But in all seriousness practice connecting and talking even when you are driving or catching a bus. You do not have to feel like a crazy person by speaking out loud you can talk into yourself! Be brave! By doing this your own natural psychic ability will develop and you can find yourself being two steps ahead when making important decisions.

# Do not give up

The most important thing when connecting with your guides and angels is not to give up. Yes some people are born more aware and are more in tune with their sixth sense. You must not question what you are doing wrong but instead trust and believe all the information in which you are receiving. So my little psychic junkie its time for you to find a clear space and get talking to your guides. Enjoy your psychic development and enjoy watching yourself evolve and grow spiritually….

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