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Life purpose, what is it?

There comes a time in life when we all think, what is my purpose? what am i here for ? The truth of the matter is that we are the creators of our own purpose, the masters of our own destiny. There does come a time in life where we are maybe a bit lost and confused and think, what am i doing? am i meant to be doing this? There must be something that I am meant to be doing here other than this….

Unfortunately there are no big flashing lights or signs that say you must do this. To understand our purpose we must live. By living we learn what we like and what we do not like in life. We must integrate and mix with others. By immersing ourselves with others we learn off them. If you are feeling stuck and asking what your purpose is a good thing to do is look back on your past. Ask yourself who influenced you? what excited you? what did you dislike? what do you enjoy? what do you want to change? what am i good at? what does the world need?

Some people from a young age know they want to be a mom, some people know they want to be a doctor…they work hard and create it they put it out there and get what they want from life. If you are stuck and do not know your purpose its time to get pen to paper and start asking yourself the questions above. There is no right or wrong answer. Its a learning process. Life is an evolution, constantly changing. You may even find you want a new purpose when you make your list and hey remember nothing is set in stone- the world is your oyster. Create that list and start attracting the positive energy to bring in your purpose and live life. It is time to stop existing. Live your life without worrying. To worry too much only causes delays and stops you living and evolving. One of the major problems we have is we question too much our purpose rather than being selfish and thinking what do i want to do.

Your purpose is your choice. You can create it and once you start living you can open up those doors of endless possibility and free yourself of an overactive thinking mind. Remember nothing is set in stone and if you do not like it you can change your purpose. Live, breathe and attract the right energies. Let go, trust and believe in yourself.

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