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7 Signs its time to CHANGE your life!

In life we often go through periods of feeling stuck and a feeling of being in a rut. Sometimes we do not recognise these signs and just continue with the humdrum monotony of life. From time to time we can blame others or not look for a solution. We can become quite comfortable in a negative or toxic situation. We can at times accept it as “the norm” even though deep down we know it is not right for us. Its important and healthy to take a step forwards for yourself to reach your true potential and become completely empowered.


You are allowing yourself to be stuck and repeating the same situation. You follow the same cycles constantly. You know yourself change it isn't going to be handed to you on a plate. Sometimes we can keep finding excuses- i don’t have enough money, i don’t have the time, i have no support. Well screw that, there is always something we can do. Take positive action to reach the goals that you want. Small steps at a time. If its more money look for other ways to increase your money flow to lead to what you want! Enough of the excuses and find a solution. There is always a way you just have to choose to see it. Ask and ye shall receive.

#2 Romanticise and stuck in the past.

You may think the past may have been better and maybe it was at that time in your life. Maybe you did have at the time a good relationship, maybe you did have more money. Fact is you are not in the past now. You must let go of what you no longer have and create something better for yourself. Remember money does not buy happiness. People do not necessarily make you happy. Find your own happiness and fulfilment and you will find life easier. It could be as simple as joining meet up groups to make new friends. Exercise. Sewing?! The world is your oyster. Self fulfilment and contentment will help you feel that you do not need your past life. Live for the moment and manifest the “best is yet to come” mentality. Believe and ye shall receive.

#3 When you feel numb to life

This is where you must push yourself to keep going. You must find a passion and things you love and do more of it. Is your diet and lack of exercise adding to this. Shake things up. Be ready to let go of old wounds and also to what also no longer serves you purpose. If its making you unhappy and sucking the passion out of you let it go and send it back to where it came from. Take the reigns and push your own happiness forwards. Choose Onwards and Upwards than repeating the same negative cycle.

#4 Comparing yourself to others negatively

Do not measure yourself by what others have and where they supposedly are in life. You do not know what goes on behind closed doors. Just because someone is the CEO and drives the nice car does not mean they are emotionally fulfilled. Do not worry about what others are doing or measure your happiness against other peoples. Everyone has their own goals. Realise your own. Keep your ambition but most of all find your fulfillment and work on it. Your goals are yours and are not to be compared to others. Life is not a competition.

#5 Gossip

You are avoiding what you do not what to confront in your own life. You are afraid of taking risks. You find talking about others deflects from problems in your own life. Do not use others as a smokescreen to stop yourself from confronting your own shortcomings. Deal with them and put them to bed. You find that putting others down is easier than realising your own dreams and ambitions. We all love a good gossip but do not live your life through other people lives. Create your own life and excitement.

#6 Constant sense of Fear and Foreboding

You always feel that something bad is going to happen. You lose your sense of risk. You are afraid to make changes. You may constantly be negative even when you are offered help. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Be willing to listen to friends and family when being given and advice. Do not shut people down. Sometimes other people can help. Stop worrying and accept that good things can happen to you if you decide to make changes. Not everything in life is bad. Find out what has wounded you to create this. Work on letting it go and do not let the past hold you back any longer. Negativity breeds Negativity and Positivity breeds Positivity. Follow a positive mantra everyday. Tell yourself why you like yourself everyday. Say hello to a stranger and breed positivity…remember positivity can be infectious. Love yourself and believe.

#7 Telling Lies

You tell lies to people. You say “I’m OK” when you are not, you may say you are doing things when you are not. In reality you are only lying to yourself. Start speaking up and not being afraid to express yourself. There is always someone willing to listen and help. Sometimes just expressing yourself and offloading how you feel can make a huge difference to your life. Be ready to speak, be willing to listen and be willing to take steps to move yourself forwards. Sometimes the smallest step and smallest change can make the biggest difference to your life.

Its natural, we can all have periods in our life where we feel stuck. Its important to talk, listen and be ready to take action and change. Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Be prepared and try. Try and rid yourself of Fear it only holds us back. Work at your own time and pace. Remember everyone is different. For one person it may take a day and others it may take weeks. As long as you are working on feeling better and not allowing yourself to be stuck you are headed in the right direction. Believe in your dreams and one step at a time, do not let others hold you back. Anything is possible. As they say one small attitude adjustment a day. Love yourself and do not worry about others!

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